Sub-Contractor Payroll

If your organization directly engages independent contract consultants then it may be time to consider The Source, Sub-Contractor Payroll.

We can help you reduce your costs by ensuring your existing contracts reflect fair market value. Keep your consultants focused by ensuring they will always be treated in a fair and equitable manner that includes standardized contracts and common pay schedules. We manage the timesheet process and ensure your managers approve time worked before payment is made. A simple, easy to implement solution.

Reduce recruiting fees. Encourage employee referrals – confident you can accommodate new arrivals in a contract environment. Manage your administrative costs. Our standard invoice is simple and can be customized to fit your needs.

Improve contractor productivity – and satisfaction. Make it easy for your contractor community to focus on the tasks at hand while working with your organization. Introduce your contractors to an organization that will help them be better, more productive consultants as well as offer a sense of belonging to an organization who, at their stated intention, can help them find their next contract assignment.

As a single point of contact for both you and all your independent consultants for contract management, compliancy, payment and invoicing issues, you ensure an ease of business by engaging The Source, Sub-Contractor Payroll.

Shared and no-cost options are available. We work with you to provide a pricing plan that also fits into your standard vendor payment schedule.